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What we are looking for

The King Edward's Consortium seeks to recruit applicants who:

  • hold a degree and/or have significant work experience which is a good match with their chosen teaching subject;
  • have a passion for their subject;
  • demonstrate competence in the fundamental English and mathematics proficiencies outlined by the Department for Education (2019);
  • are able to work effectively with young people;
  • are confident, motivated and well-organised;
  • can work constructively with other people in a team;
  • are self-aware and open to learning;
  • are able to communicate in accurate, confident written and spoken Standard English;
  • reveal insights into teaching and learning;
  • express a long-term commitment to teaching as a career;
  • wish to take up  teaching employment in England (usually in KEC or other local schools) at the end of the programme.

 Trainees have exceptional enthusiasm for teaching their subject.

Ofsted, 2012